KJ500F High efficiency Air Purifier

Release time:2018-07-11

Air purifier become necessities as people pay more and more attention to healthy Air. But there are so many different level and quality of Air purifier in market. The price of better quality air purifier is expensive to consumer .  ScienTop team develop  new style of Air purifier to public people According to the market situation. detail characteristic description as below:

The outer design is popular without beautiful appearance but show our attitude toward to popular market. The Interface is designed according to user’s useful completely,  Even separate Button and display cause cost increase . But it is very convenient for user when button on top and display in front of air purifier. It is convenient to use remote control when display in front. IMD Button technology  increase a sense of science and technology .It is easy for older to operate with 9 button design . The Number of air quality desiplay is more intuitive. We contorl suitable material which show our honest attitude. 

About component : We  adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first” . We have CCC certificate for All the safety part . All materiall meet ROHS standard.  Our motor is DC motor which is better to increase function , reduce noise , reduce engrgy consumption and extend life. We choose  SK sensor with consistency and stability which is imported from Korea after compare performance with the others. We choose famous brand fan --Changneng fan . Changneng Fan has high dynamic balance performance, reduce noise. PCB control is supplied and devoloped by Dikeer PCB . It is one PCB supplier of SUPOR . The filters are supplied by famous company—Cleantop company . Cleantop also is the main filter supplier of  Xiaomi ,SHARP, SUPOR . 

About Filters: Air purifier fit High efficiency filters , Partical CADR meet 501, CCM partical meet P4(79.9%), Formaldehyde CADR meet 307, Formaldehyde CCM meet F4(85.5%); Max noise power is 66.9Db(A). Max input power is 65W. Save power(501/65=7.7).

About detail design . We think about the safety control on detail design , We set up child lock and switch off electicty when open the front cover to protect user; Alarm warning for changing filters; Air outlet with window shade  increase convection of air flow ; We reduce the noise and abnormal noise of Air purifier after testing motor and fan many times. The 20 million of ion techonolgy can reduce particl of the air fast under the puplution.

About quality control. We always put quality control first Since Scientop founded. We applied ISO9000 once company founded and we got ISO9000 certificate from Germany TUV on time. Thanks for all your support. Scientop is air purifier manufacture of China Supor ,Taiwan FASFLO, Swede DUSTIE and France CVM

Focus on air purifier , Become a professional company.  Achieve Product leadership